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Directions for Volunteer Form


    If you  have an NWWRF account - Sign in and click on and  fill out volunteer form and lets us know if you are returning. Please check your information and update your file.  We will email you by June 1st with conformation.  Please email Douglas Carnie at volunteer@nwwrf.com for more info.



If new than click on Create New Account -

Fill out form. This is your NWWRF web account , not the Volunterr form.

Click on send - We will send you an email.- Go to email and click on link.

Set password and click save. You now have an NWWRF account.

Click on Volunteer form - Fill out form and click submit.

Please email Douglas Carnie at volunteer@nwwrf.com for more info.

ALL Volunteers must attend one of the Crew Meetings

THURSDAY July 26th  at 6:00 PM or  Friday July 28th at 9:00 AM.


Hours needed:
Pre-festival - 30 hours      During - 15 hours      After -14 hours
What do U get:
Weekend Pass, one crew meal each day, crew shower, staff only porta-potties and limited access to green room area.

Other perks:
Crew Shirts (organic cotton) for $10.00

SOP Passes - Significant Other Pass - Must share camp site. U can buy 2.
    Adult: $70 or 12 extra hours per pass.
    Teens: $30    Age 15 - 16  with Adult ( Free if willing to volunteer 10 hours) (14 and under free)


We are a pack-in/pack-out festival committed to reducing waste.

Please bring a re-useable water bottle, plate/bowl and utensils and leave no trace at your camp site. We have free well water throughout the site.

Give thanks for all of your hard work and positive energy,
NWWRF 2018 Staff