Welcome to our list of Vendors and Sponsors

for NWWRF 2016


Gypsy Chic - Fun, fashionable, high quality clothing and goods made in a manner that is socially, environmentally and economically responsible.

https://shop.gypsy-chic.com/    https://www.facebook.com/gypsy.chic.pdx


High Tide Smoke Shop - American made glass and tobacco accessories - Store in Albany , Oregon.

www.Hightidesmokeshop.com   https://m.facebook.com/hightidesmokeshopalbany


Hunnicutt Design - Original art paintings and prints.



Harmonious Collective - Oregon's source for information on booking festivals, events  and production in the northwest. Exclusive artist management for NWWRF.



Mutant Arts Audio - Oregon Sound, festival management and Production Company.



Oregon Cannabis Company - Medical dispensary located in Albany and Eugene Oregon



Oregon Only Organics - Producers of the world best soils and plant food from Oregon. Look for Nectar for The Gods at your local grow shop’s nationwide.

https://www.oregonsonly.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Oregons-Only-Organics-238294292860532


Savant Plant Technologies -  Plant growing products and technologies. From lights to green houses. Located in Corvallis, Oregon.



Ukweli Arts - African Acrylic paintings, jewellery, t shirts, sandals etc -- all originals

done by Kamau Ngigi.


Craft Booths:

Alpine Glas Haus - Hand blown glass pipes and water pipes


Art Mafia - Giclee prints, oil paintings, drawings, silkscreened shirts, hand woven art blankets,

cashmere clothing.



Blessed Lotus -


Cherokee Organic Family Farm - new all fair/hippie/rasta/mothermaid/magical/mystical and sentient wear (for goats,horses and dogs) and gently refurbished clothing

Daraay Baye Fall - Hand made wooden chairs, woven baskets, unique fabrics, djembes and arts crafts from Senegal.


Eastwinds - Hemp Hats & bags, tiedyed dress, cotton and rayon clothing, tribal clothing, handy crafts & wooden boxes.

Eagles Nest Outfitters - Hammocks and Hammock accessories

www.ENOnation.com    https://www.facebook.com/eaglesnestoutfitters

Feathershakers - hand dyed feather jewelry; hand crafted hair accessories; hand sewn skirts, shorts, dresses, bow ties and bucket hats; crocheted hats and accessories; necklaces; tutus; body jewelry


Festival Treasures - hat pins/lapel pins. hula hoops. handmade jewelry. dreamcatchers. crystals & gemstones. tapestries & other wall hangings. henna kits. other festival gear.

www.Festivaltreasures.etsy.com    https://www.facebook.com/FestivalTreasures


Glass Man - Glass art, tie dye & light up novelties


Gorge Community Music - Musical instruments and accessories, with a

focus on ukulele. We are a Kala Ukulele dealer, and our own line of handmade Ho'okipa Ukuleles. In addition,  assorted percussion items and accessories for acoustic instruments.

www.gorgecommunitymusic.com   www.facebook.com/gorgecommunitymusic

Gorilla's Nest - Survival bracelets, Hand made jewelry, Other jewelry, Other various nick nacks.


Himalayan Art and Handicraft - Meditation, handicraft import from Nepal like jewelry ,tapestries, clothing incense.



Indigenous Warrior Enterprise - Indigenous owned and inspired Cultural apparel.



Justix and Aquamarine Daydream - Handmade riddim sticks with a fiberglass core and an LED model and a crystal and gem trader

http://www.4justix.com/Welcome.html  https://www.facebook.com/JUSTIX328112991643


Kash - Tapestries, bags, sarongs, scarves, skirts, shirts, belts, fun clothing.



Lhasa Trade - Fair Trade and ecofriendly clothing, incense, tapestries, scarves, cotton bags, jewelry.


Mo Love Movement - Clothing and apparel. Eco friendly tshirts, tank tops, zip ups and hoodies, hats and beanies, locally made brackets, earrings, necklaces, keychains, belts and more. We screen print all our own designs locally in Eugene!! We strive for eco friendly garments!!

www.Molovemovment.com www.facebook.com/Mo-Love-Clothing-and-Apparel-193447210673224

Phat Pins - Based out of the Pacific NW in Oregon since 2013, Phatpins.com has been producing pins  within the pin community as well as bringing new faces to the pingame.  We buy/sale/trade hatpins off all sorts and kinds.


Project Fall - Women's economic empowerment in Senegal and am expanding this year to

include food for children and clean water programs. I import handmade purses, bags, baskets

and scarfs as well as traditional incense, candles, and spiritual items.



Silver & More - Crystals, gemstone jewelry, sterling silver rings, tapestries, 3D prints


Silver Sands - I sell fair trade clothing all made and purchased in Thailand. Two styles, one is all Bohemian, clothing and accessories.

Sure Designs is the second, it is made for girls and guys, yoga, free, beach loving gypsies.



Talismana Designs - Custom designed festival clothing, screen print illustrated clothing, vegan canvas utility belts, hand crafted beadwork and gemstone jewelry, cast jewelry silver/brass.

www.etsy.com/shop/TalismanaDesigns   www.facebook.com/talismanadesigns


Tanami - Clothing, sarongs, wood carvings and other folk arts



The Sojourn Collection - tye dyed clothing and accessories, cotton appliqué Clothing, handbags and pouches, jewelry, scarves, etc.


Vital Bodyworks Massage Therapy - Ahhhh-mazing therapeutic massage!!  Sarah McLaughlin LMT #10865


Wise Lion Dynasty - Urban Roots Designs...Live mural paint - They painted to design on our facebook page which is 8 foot x 16 foot in real size!!



Food Booth:

B~HeavenlyCafé - Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine! Hand Crafted Recipes, Made with Local Organic Ingredients!



Bella Luna Coffee - All organic high quality espresso drinks,,

kombucha, cookies, pancakes, yogurt parfaits, fruit, granola.



Cafe Heat - Organic Specialty teas from Nepal and Organic

Gluten Free pastries

www.CafeHEAT.com    www.facebook.com/himalayaforever


Dough Nation - Organic Wood Fired Pizza



Fereyel's Edible Delights - Organic Sweetened fry breads with fruit dipping sauce/topping

Musabi, Rice (jasmine or brown) with fresh made Hummus , topped with cucumber tomatoes and feta,

Coconut Rice and black Bean's, Zucchini Pasta - Spicy savory sauce or with mild Moroccan flavor, tossed plain or with bell peppers, and feta

Savory fried Bread as a side to all dishes - Curly Fries.

Beverages: Lemonade plain or infused with Lavender, Strawberries, or blueberries

Breakfast - Omelets:  Spinach, mushroom, tomato and cheese available.
Fried Potatoes (quartered home fries) -- Amaranth Gravy (vegan ) to top the potatoes for those who don't eat eggs.
Mountain Rose Herbs Blends (local Organic herb supply shop) of: Blossoms of Health, Easy Day Tea ,Dawn Chorus Tea
Yerba Mate. Honey ( locally sourced) , Agave and organic cane sugar or Palm sugar (low-glycemic)  used as sweeteners.


Fired Up Food Truck -Full service Organic goodness -


Fry Bread Cafe - ORGANIC: Native American frybread and the best ndn tacos on the planet with a Lil help from a trainee from Jamaica

Italian'ish - All Organic: Stuffed avocado, watermelon salad, pasta salad, meatball sandwiches, italian sausage rolls, italian bake with veggies, italian soda, strawberry lemonade, raspberry lemonade, italian breakfast burritos,wheat pancakes and french toast bread.

Mary Lou's Edibles - Organic Oregon cannabis infused edibles include cookies, swirlies, caramel corn,  salted caramels and also topicals for your medicinal needs!

www.MaryLousEdibles.com  https://www.facebook.com/Mary-Lous-Edibles-1179970848698547/


Queen Bee Ambrosia - Organic Kombucha & Organic Hot Tea

http://queenbeeambrosia.com  https://www.facebook.com/queenbeeambrosia


Right Bayou Cajun Cuisine - Organic Vegan Red Beans and Rice

Vegetable Rundown, Fire Roasted Corn on the Cob and New Orleans Style Meat Pies.


Sushi Star Brigade -  Coming  from the bright shining Nori Star in our Sushi Starship to share the love and light of colorful rainbow sushi rolls with the people of your fair land.


Wrapture - ORGANIC: Spicy Grilled Mango Chicken Wrap, Basil Pesto Chicken Wrap, Cranberry Crispy Chicken Club Wrap, Traditional Chicken Caesar Wrap, Apple Hazelnut Chicken Curry Wrap, Organic grilled tofu sub, Grilled Veggie and Black Bean Burrito, Breakfast Burrito, Homemade Organic Caramel Apple Pie and Fresh Organic Raspberry Limeade.